Turn your basketball passion into a career

HoopCam makes basketball an eSport so passionate players like you can earn as you play and contribute to the growth of basketball worldwide.

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How It Works

HoopCam is a mobile platform for both iOS and Android.

A platform of basketball competition. Starting with 1v1

Rule 1

Game begins at the top of the key

Rule 2

Offense has 10 seconds to score. Defense gets possession on turnovers

Rule 3

All made baskets are worth 1 point each

Rule 4

Player who makes a basket keeps possession for the next play

Rule 5

First player to score 3 points wins the game

1. Record Your 1v1 Game on HoopCam.

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2. Share Your Highlights.

@coolfire100 - @player

Winner: @player

@victor - @jacky

Winner: @victor

@adreis - @suwanon

Winner: @adreis

@player vs. @joshuamallott

Winner: @player

3. Earn HoopPoints and rank up.

How to earn


200 HoopPoints for each game WON

50 HoopPoints for each game LOST

20 HoopPoints for each game CAPTURED

4. Redeem HoopPoints for gifts & prizes from places you shop.


Ready to redeem your HoopPoints?


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HoopCam puts YOU in control

With a community of hoopers from across the globe, YOU, for the first time ever, have full control of your entire player identity.

No longer do you have to go PRO to earn rep, prizes, money, and real life sponsorships as a basketball player. No longer do you have to seek approval of a referee to rob you of wins that you deserve.

Prove it by how you play and build your credentials as a player. Based on the games you play, the world will see the player you are, how you compete, and how you contribute to basketball! Got what it takes?

Build your credentials

HoopCam works on any iPhone or Android.

Progress at your own pace

Go Fast. Go Steady. It's entirely up to you.

Expand your reach worldwide

Get attention from scouts and sponsors (coming soon)

Join our growing community from all around the world.

Our Values


Games are structured for fair competition. We launch games where everyone plays by the same rules. That way a fair comparison can be made.


Play anywhere, anytime and with anyone. No matter where you are. If you have been working hard to develop as a player, we want to see you!


Play with passion. Have fun at all times. Let your passion for basketball lead you to many wins ahead.

We envision a time when lack of opportunities and ways to monetize never end up discouraging a truly passionate player. A time when people never give up on the love for this sport.

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